There have been some changes to the hunting clothing requirements for big game Rifle hunters.

2014 Hunting Information Updates

High Visibility Safety Vest (left)

Blaze Orange Hunting Vest (right)

Changes to Dress Requirements for Big Game Rifle Hunters

The Wildlife Regulations now allow big game hunters to wear a vest (an outer garment that covers the upper torso) coloured scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange or white. This replaces the previous requirements of a full outer suit from the waist up. In addition to a vest of the current colour options, hunters will be able to wear the high visibility safety vests or jackets that are widely used in the construction industry. These garments are typically bright green-yellow with the reflective bands. These colours are regulated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and carry a label CAN/CSA Z96-02 Level 1. Hunters wearing vests with a CAN/CSA Z96-02 Level 1 label can be confident that they are conforming to this regulation.

The regulations have also been amended to allow hunters to wear commercially available garments or caps that include a small label or crest. This label or patch may not exceed 100 centimetres2 or 15 inches2 on the outer garment or 50 centimetres2 or 7.8 inches2 for headwear.

The headwear (cap or toque) colour requirement remains unchanged from scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange.

Updated Wildlife Management Zones

Hunters, landowners and outfitters have requested an updated wildlife management zone map for many years, citing difficulty determining zone boundaries in some areas of the province. Recent amendments have simplified the boundary descriptions for 33 wildlife management zones in order to improve “on-the-ground” identification of zone boundaries.

The boundaries have been revised to follow easily identifiable features such as numbered provincial highways, municipal roads or major water bodies wherever possible. The boundaries which have changed are coloured purple to make them easier to identify. Forty-five wildlife management zone boundaries have not been changed.

A new, high-quality digital map has been produced and will be included in the upcoming 2014 Hunters’ and Trappers’ Guide. The ministry is working to produce a downloadable version, which is expected to be available soon.