Our first spring…but not the bears!

We wanted to share a couple trail pictures from this year.  2014….not 2012 as our camera states! Lesson learned….instructions required when setting date, and double check ;0. 64fWe have quite a few curious and hungry bears coming to our baits.  This was our first spring in our area, and we weren’t sure what to expect.  It started off quite slow, as it did all over due to our cold spring.  The first week of May actually brought us snow, and that meant slow moving bears.  When bears come out of their hibernation they need heat, and green grass.  They need that grass to get their bodies moving again and get rid of their plug.  As it warms, and things start to green up you can see the increase in bear activity almost immediately!  Buck worked tirelessly even though we were not booked full for our first year.  He wanted to work all the baits, get the bears coming and hold them.  This fall, we will again bait and bring those bears back so that come spring….they know exactly where the groceries are at!  When we bait we bait to hold them.  You can throw different things into the mix, that will bring them in for a nibble….but won’t often hold them for long periods of time.  With the right ‘secret’ mix, you can often keep them coming back for more!  Enjoy these two photos! I wonder if the guy looking over his shoulder was look at this big brute of a bear below!!!! 62f-big