“What style of blinds are you using?”

Is becoming an increasingly asked questions when I am speaking with potential clients here at Willow Ridge Outfitters. Over the years there has been an increase in the number of bird hunters not wanting to shoot out of laydown blinds any longer. Whether it is because of lack of ability to shoot at all angles, stiffness from laying in one position for long periods of time, what ever the reasons where, we decided to look at alternatives to laydown blinds. After doing a few quick searches on the internet and a phone call to Scott at Fast Strike blinds I was in business. Before I go into too much detail about them, let me be clear that Fast Strike is not a sponsor nor do I have any affiliation with them other then I have tried their product and find it works very well.  

Very Durable. Won’t break down

Basically this blind consists of 2 pieces of plastic beveled to form kind of a triangle. Two pieces are put together to form one piece of the blind. On the outside of these pieces of plastic are slots made out of bungee cord to hold the brush in. The blind also comes with stakes to secure the blind into the ground. The beauty of this system is that you can make the blind as big or as small as you need it depending on how many hunters are hunting that day. They are a very simple design and work extremely well in any field conditions. With the addition of the roof adapters you simply add a piece of the system to extended pieces of rebar (which are not included) and you have a hide that nothing can see in. We have found though, that with enough coverage on the outside of the blind and some longer pieces of brush the roof has not been needed. Even on those birds that circle a few times before they commit to the decoys.

We have used these blinds now for 3 full waterfowl seasons and I have not had anything break on them. Last fall we used them for 4 weeks straight, adding only more brush when needed. They fold up to take up very little space in the trailer. The thing that I hear from the hunters the most is how good they feel after shooting out of these blinds. We have found that our number of birds we shoot has gone up simply because people shoot better standing up, as well there is more opportunity for more shooting since you can shoot behind or beside the blind. We use these blinds in every kind off field situation, as in wheat, barley and pea stubble. 

I have always said that the hide is just as important as the location, and in my mind these blinds are one of the best, most user-friendly set ups out there.