Lindsay and Buck 2010 Mule Deer Hunt

Come to Willow Ridge Outfitters Ltd. to relax in an atmosphere that offers all the comforts of home with an added bonus of an effortless hunt. Experience the bountiful bear population on forest fringe of the Northern Boreal forest. Or, come for a fall hunt and take aim at the Canadian Geese that flock minutes from our door step. We aim to provide a world class hunting experience at Willow Ridge Outfitters. Our guides are professional, and extremely knowledgeable.

Buck comes from a strong family hunting background, and has been hunting for as long as he can remember. This background helped develop his passion for the outdoors and wildlife. He has spent many years trapping, hunting and guiding for others. He eats, sleeps, and breaths hunting so much so that all three children are following in his footsteps. Bucks commitment to ensuring the success of others before his self, is what sets him apart from other outfitters. His greatest hunts are based on the success stories he has helped create for others.  His knowledge of the area, animals and their desired habitat will result in a memorable hunt and provide stories to tell for years!

Lindsay brings on board her financial background to the business as well as her love for the outdoors.  She did not grow up in a hunting family, but quickly learned the ropes.  Her most memorable hunt being (see photo) her first mule deer.  It was stalked, and harvested (at a dead run) using a borrowed muzzle loader from Buck’s uncle, that she has to this day only ever shot once (a girl only needs one bullet!!)

Buck and Lindsay have three kids that are a very active part of the operation. They are avid outdoors people and have been tremendous help in prepping trails, and organizing hunting supplies in anticipation for our spring bear hunters and fall waterfowl hunters.  Luke is currently involved in trapping with Buck, as well as a member of a local archery club.  Laney enjoys target shooting with her Dad, as well as grouse hunting.  Will also enjoys target shooting with his Dad.  He is chief coyote scout and caller.

Also on staff is Bucks mother Debbie. She brings over 20 years of experience in the food industry as a Food Service Supervisor. She is on board to ensure a scrumptious feast after a long day of hunting, and that nobody leaves the table hungry!